Be Ready to Stop at a Moment's Notice

Be Ready to Stop at a Moment's Notice

Schedule brake repair or replacement services in Fort Collins, CO

Experiencing issues with the braking system in your car or truck? Even a slight grind or squeal can be a major cause for concern. Don't risk your safety on the roads. Rocky Mountain Automotive provides experienced brake repair and replacement services in Fort Collins, CO. You can bring your vehicle in for a thorough brake inspection.

With years of experience and extensive auto repair knowledge, we can handle a wide range of brake services. Turn to us for:

  • Brake line repairs
  • Brake line replacement
  • Brake pad repair
  • Rotor repair

We service any make or model. Call today to set up your appointment.

How can you tell it's time for brake services?

Waiting until your brakes no longer perform properly is a serious safety concern. There are several telltale signs of impending brake issues. Pay close attention to:

  • Squealing, squeaking or grinding noises
  • Wobbling or vibrating sensations
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Burning smells while driving
  • Bouncing or rocking on short stops

These are all clear indications that you will need a brake repair or replacement as soon as possible. Reach out today to learn more about our affordable rates on brake services.